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VA-057 Azo Initiator

VA-057 Azo Initiator


  • non-nitrile amphoteric halogen free azo initiator
  • soluble in water, in methanol
  • potential for introducing carboxyl group into terminal of polymer
  • 10 hour half-life decomposition temperature, 57°C

Chemical Name


CAS NO. 291314-39-1(anhydride)
Molecular weight =342.40


Appearance slight yellow powder
Melting point 97°C
Activation energy 1.23X105 J/mol
10 hour half-life decomposition temperature 57°C(in water)
Solubility freely soluble in water or methanol
insoluble in ethanol, acetone, toluene or acetonitrile

Packaging and Storage Condition

  • Keep under 10°C

Related Regulations and Safety Data

TSCA inventory not listed (see section 15)
EINECS No. not listed
Law concerning the Examination and Regulation of Manufacture, etc. of Chemical Substances New Chemical Substances in the Chemical Substances Control Law
Occupational Health and Safety Law unregistered
Mutation data -
Oral toxicity data
Irritation data primary skin irritation test negative