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VA-044 Azo Initiator

VA-044 Azo Initiator


  • non-nitrile azo initiator having low decomposition temperature.
  • soluble in water or methanol
  • 10 hour half-life decomposition temperature, 44°C(in water)

Chemical Name


CAS NO. 27776-21-2
Molecular weight = 323.33


Appearance White-pale yellow crystals or crystalline powder
Melting point 188-193°C
Activation energy 1.08X105 J/mol
10 hour half-life decomposition temperature 44°C(in water)
Solubility freely soluble in water ( and above 30 g/ solvent 100 g )
insoluble in toluene or hexane

Packaging and Storage Condition

  • 25kg , 5kgX4
  • Keep under 30°C

Related Regulations and Safety Data

TSCA inventory listed
EINECS No. 248-655-3
Law concerning the Examination and Regulation of Manufacture, etc. of Chemical Substances existing chemical substances 5-5870
Occupational Health and Safety Law 8-(2)-1271
Mutation data
Reverse mutation assay in S.typhimuriun and E.coli;
Weak positive
Oral toxicity data
Irritation data primary skin irritation test negative