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Q-1301 Inhibitor

Q-1301 Inhibitor

The characteristic inhibitors of Wako are nitrosamine series. Q1301 powerfully inhibits polymerizations even with very small dosages, thus it keeps being effective during purifications. It is also highly suitable for the storage of highly reactive monomers.

Q-1301 N-Nitorosophenylhydroxylamine alminium salt

Appearance white to slightly yellow crystal
Melting point and over 160
CAS.No 15305-07-4
Molecular weight 438.31

86g/THF 100ml(20°C)

23g/Toluene, 100ml(20°C)

TSCA inventory listed
EINECS No. 239-341-7
Law concerning the Examination and Regulation of Manufacture, etc. of Chemical Substances existing chemical substances 3-3409