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Q-1300 Inhibitor

Q-1300 Inhibitor

The characteristic inhibitors of Wako are nitrosamine series. Q-1300 powerfully inhibits polymerizations even with very small dosages, thus it keeps being effective during purifications. It is also highly suitable for the storage of highly reactive monomers.

Q-1300 (cupferron) N-Nitorosophenylhydroxylamine

Appearance white to slightly brown yellowish crysta or crystalline powder
Melting point 140-144°C
CAS.No 135-20-6
Molecular weight 155.16
Solubility 9.7g/water, 100g(30°C)
TSCA inventory listed
EINECS No. 205-183-2
Law concerning the Examination and Regulation of Manufacture, etc. of Chemical Substances existing chemical substances 9-2320