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About Us

Wako Chemicals USA Inc.FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corporation is a customer-focused manufacturer of high-quality chemical products. We embody the namesake of our parent company, Wako “Pure” Chemical Industries, Japan. Wako Chemicals USA approaches each aspect of our business with customer satisfaction in mind, starting with our commitment to producing fine chemicals for the polymer and electronics marketplace.

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Wako USA is proud to have served the chemical community for over 30 years: however, we understand that in an ever changing business environment that we must evolve to continue to excel at our craft. We are shaping our future by examining our performance and development through our customer’s perspective, and we encourage feedback.

Wako USA will continue to invest in R&D to support product development both in-house and in collaboration with our external partners. We are poised to capitalize on a burgeoning chemical resurgence in the USA by swiftly transitioning our R&D efforts into production.


1992 Takeda Pure Chemicals, Ltd was founded as a part of Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd.
1947 The company name was changed to Wako Pure Chemicals Industries, Ltd in 1947. Due to increased business in the USA and as part of a globalization effort, Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. was established in 1978 in Dallas, TX as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.
1989 The headquarters of FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corporation. was moved to Richmond, VA in 1989, and the following year our Azo initiator production facility was completed. In the years since relocating to Richmond, VA, Wako Chemicals USA has grown to include Laboratory Chemicals and Diagnostic reagents divisions. Our expansion also included a clean room, laboratory and production facility for high-purity electronic materials.
2002 Wako Chemicals USA acquired Haemachem (St. Louis, MO), which has evolved into the current LAL division of Wako Chemicals USA.

Our site has adequate space for our vision for the future. We are currently making plans to expand our AZO initiator and custom manufacturing capabilities. Wako Chemicals USA is focused on minimizing our environmental impact and increasing efficiency in our manufacturing effort. Please check back soon for updates!

Global Reach

Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. distributes its products globally from our base of operations in Richmond, VA. Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Japan operates in the Asia-Pacific region, and Wako Chemical GmbH covers the European Union and Africa. Wako recently (2013) opened an office in Shanghai, China. We are a truly global organization, with “boots on the ground” throughout the world. We pride ourselves in forging lasting relationships with our customers; relationships which we believe are rooted in face-to-face interaction and mutual trust.

Wako USA has partnered with several logistics companies to enhance our capability of shipping hazardous refrigerated freight around the world. Sourcing a difficult to find, difficult to transport chemical intermediate from China? Let us help you find a solution.


Wako USA values integrity and lawfulness in all areas of our business. We believe that our ethical responsibilities are a prerequisite for safety and safety is our #1 priority. Wako USA requires all employees to make a pledge to uphold our high ethical standards, and we encourage all members of the Wako family to exhibit social responsibility both in and outside of the workplace.

“It is the policy of Wako Chemicals USA to observe the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity.”

Sustainability - wellness

Wako USA continues to make sustainability a priority for our organization. In our processes, we routinely regenerate and recycle approximately 95% of the water and solvent that is used daily. We are committed to limiting the amount of waste that is generated from our facility, and this is reflected throughout the organization (i.e. paper/cardboard recycling, energy conservation systems (HVAC), repurposing waste streams, etc.). Wako USA is actively pursuing ISO 14001 certification (Wako Pure Chemical Industries, LTD is certified ISO 14001). Wako Chemicals USA is an active participant in the Virginia SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program), through which we continue to gain valuable insight into conservation and sustainable process improvements.

Employee and community wellness is a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. We strive to provide all employees with excellent health care and wellness programs. Our primary focus for charitable work is the Heart Walk (American Heart Association) and Richmond Christmas Mother, but we are always looking for ways to contribute to the greater good.

Reseach and Development

The Wako Group is a technology-driven organization as a whole. Throughout our history, we have thrived on bringing innovative products to the research, clinical, and industrial marketplace. At Wako USA we have a small team of chemists and engineers who support our production and custom manufacturing efforts. However, we are bolstered by a vast array of resources and personnel at several R&D sites located throughout Japan.

At our Richmond, VA facility, we are currently focusing on development of ultra-low metals chemical materials for the semiconductor industry. We have recently invested in analytical equipment that will allow us to analyze trace metals down to the ppt (parts per trillion) scale.


The global nature of our business has resulted in a corporate environment that is highly diverse and inclusive. We recognize the importance of incorporating different cultural values into our business philosophy, and we value each employee’s contribution to the organization. The diverse backgrounds of our employee base have fueled Wako USA’s innovation and progress over the past 30 years.